Acrylic Bookmarks

Well I’ve finished one of the bookmarks that I’ll have available for sale at the upcoming November trade show.

Check it out.

Portable art for on the go people!
The perfect companion to any book.
Each bookmark is hand painted using acrylic paint on acid and ligning free card stock.
It has been given a clear protective coat making it water resistant.
They measures 6″x2″ and feature a small eyelet with a co-coordinating ribbon that has been fray stopped.
The back side is plain black with a signed label.
No two are alike! 🙂

I’ll be selling them for $4.00 each.

If you’re interested in purchasing one or would like a particular color combination email me at themilkeway(at)



2 thoughts on “Acrylic Bookmarks

  1. I , to commission you to do 4 book marks. I would love to have one in blues, one in pinks,one in greens and one in pastel shades. You can mix whatever other colors you want as long as the main colours are as above.
    I will mail you out the money $25.00.



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