A world of wonder & colour

One (of the many) of the things that excites me the most about having a daughter/child in general is that

I get to introduce her to the world of color & texture.

This is an amazing opportunity to have, especially for someone in love with both of those things.

I just love breaking out something colorful and flashing it around to watch her reaction, it’s wonderful!

When she was really little (few months old) she LOVED Black & White patterns, she would get so excited and squeal in delight.

Now she’s begun to branch out into color.

Lucky for her, she has me for a mom.

If you take a quick glance at my work you’ll quickly figure out that I’m in love with color and my house is no exception.

My rooms are:

Master bedroom: Orange & Red

Nursery: Purple & Pink

Bathroom: Yellow & Red

Living room: Bright Blue

Kitchen: Lime Green

Spare room: Teal

And throughout the house I have the majority of my Acrylic Paintings hung.

So needless to say, my darling daughter is surrounded in a world of color.

Plus, she loves it when we walk around the house and stop, look at and touch all the paintings.

I can’t wait to crack open the paint, crayons, markers, chalk, etc and say “Go to it sweets”, but that will have to wait until things stop going straight to the mouth heh.

In the meantime, we’ve played with ribbon (colorful & gumable), I’ve made her tag blankets, sensory bags, shakers, bought teething jewelry, played with mashed food, did hand & foot dough prints and even filled her highchair tray table with water and food coloring to splash & mix colors with.

So we are well on the road to broadening her senses.

Oh, looks like nap time is over, of on another adventure we go.


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