Creative Traits

I ran across this article today
22 Things Creative People Do Differently Than The Rest. If You’re Creative, You Will Understand…

and thought it was an interesting read. Out of the 22 listed creative quirks certain numbers just screamed my name lol so I thought I would share.
# 1. They get inspired at the least expected moment…
Yep usually at the most inconvenient times lol or when I’m trying to sleep. Both scenarios usually have me scrambling to find something to make a note with or sketch on.

8. They get lost in time
When they are creating they get lost in time and space, they can forget to eat, to drink and even to sleep.”
Oh heck ya when I get in the zone there is nothing else but paint and canvas…until my sugar drops lol that’s the downside about being diabetic heh

12. They hate what they’ve just created, but will totally love it 12 hours later
So True and so hard to explain but I generally tend to hate, critique, and then fall in love. Once that process is over each piece may as well be one of my kids, I love them for their potential and despite the faults.

14. They are always looking to new ways to express themselves
YEP! To be creative is to dabble in everything lol at least it is with me heh I will probably always be a “starving artist” due to my ever increasing inventory of Art supplies.

15. They procrastinate
OMG yes! I can only imagine what my University GPA would have been if I wasn’t so good at putting things off.

18. They often don’t like numbers
So true. My brain does not like Numbers. There’s a reason I’m an English & History major not Math or Science.

19. They are great observers
“They often are great people watchers and notice even the smallest detail. People and basically everything can be the inspiration for their next idea.”
That pretty much sums me up. I do tend to prefer to observe and study.

And Finally,

21. They do it all over again
“No matter how far they’ve come with their last creation. If at a given point they don’t like, they won’t think twice and will trash it just to start all over again..”
*sigh* Guilty. I have a bunch of started paintings lying around the studio which may someday get finished and others that are buried beneath current completed paintings.

Well that about sums me up πŸ™‚
Til next time