Be Still-12″x24″

Last night the creative muse was out in full force resulting in a very productive evening. I painted a few octopus pendants, made a lovely green jasper bracelet and painted a new piece.

Lots of things have been known to spark my inspiration as it goes for most artists, but for this piece I was thinking of the ocean, missing the Atlantic, I had just finished “Washed Away”   and had just sold “Industrial Wash” over the weekend.

So I started this piece knowing that I wanted to use a blue brown palette with the sea in mind and went from there.

I’ve called it “Be Still” as it reminds me of the story in the Gospels of Jesus calming the storm at sea.

So here it is complete with painted textured sides. It is painted on a 12″ x 24″ gallery style canvas. I’ll be listing it soon for sale so if anyone is interested in giving it a home message me πŸ™‚


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One thought on “Be Still-12″x24″

  1. Amanda…it just blows my mind how identical your Dad’s and your creative pieces are! I just love your new piece…”Be still”….the colours and motion of your brush strokes feel alive! There will be a day…we will have some of your works as well as Zoe & Pru’s creativity on the walls of our home! I have no doubt that the creative gene is traveling on….I still have the art work that Zoe did when age 1 dated April 10/2013..on our frig….it is beautiful! We would love some more from both girls?…I can see a collage on our wall! I have just the right place for it…we can start collecting and building! Let the girls know that Grandpa Dave and Judy want some more! Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us…It does brighten our day when we see videos and photos of the girls on Facebook! Love Judy

    Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2015 02:52:30 +0000


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