Behind the Brush

I wanted to take a minute and share with you a bit more about my creative process and what goes on behind the paint brush. I know you’re not used to me speaking in “word” form much but I thought it was time.

If you’ve been following along at all, you’ll know that I identify as a Christian Artist.

So what does that mean? And why not just say Artist?

Well, I’m a Christian AND I’m an Artist.

These are the two main characteristics that form my identity.

(I mean if you want to get technical, I’m also a Woman, a wife and a mother)

So how does the fact that I’m a Christian influence and impact my work as an Artist?

Well, every Artist has something that inspires them, something that drives them to create.

For me it’s my Faith.

I am inspired by a Living God who created and values me.


So in return, I TRY to live my whole life, my whole self as His and that includes what I do with my paint brush. But that doesn’t mean I have to paint 101 portraits of Jesus, or illustrate Bible stories or create Sunday school materials.

I don’t have to dumb down, dull down or dilute my Art.

I can create genuinely, I can make a statement, I can be Abstract BECAUSE I Am a follower of God. I was made in HIS image and the Creator of the Universe has given me the gifts and ability to create.

I don’t take this commission lightly and I won’t narrow my scope because of what people think a Christian Artist should look like or because artists don’t neatly fit inside the Church (yet). We don’t all have to be the same.

Have you seen the wonders God has created? Have you seen stars, the cosmos, have you seen the level of biodiversity around us, the microscopic creations. Have you seen the variety of people, of personalities, of life.

God did. And He said it was GOOD.

So hey, I’m good if He is 🙂

I try to share my relationship with a Living God with you in my art and as I get to know Him better, day by day that relationship changes, grows and matures and impacts my Art process, subject and mediums used.


Some pieces are representational and have recognizable form and symbolism while others are completely abstract. This dichotomy of styles I feel is good in keeping with this approach of faith + art. Why you ask? Well simply put, we as finite humans have trouble grasping the fullness of an Infinite God.

So sometimes I translate my experiences into symbols and recognizable form in my finite way, while other times, I try to stretch outside myself and grasp onto a tiny piece of the infinite to share with you in abstract form. My works are inspired by my encounters with God, how he’s leading me in my life and making me more in his image. While other pieces are inspired by Bible stories, sermons and specific verses as I experience them. This variety of subject matter is also why I enjoy creating using a variety of materials and textures. Just like you don’t like to eat or wear the same thing everyday I don’t like to be tied down to one method to create.  This diversity of materials and versatility of process enriches my art and is a more genuine reflection of who I am as a person.

Well, I think that’s enough for now.

How’d I do? lol

Do you feel better informed? Good 🙂 I’ll expand on this more but for now I need to go back to the creating part.



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