Print & Press

Well, I attempted the hand coloring of the magnolia prints but didn’t like them.

They didn’t pop like I wanted them to, so I’m leaving them black and white.

After that, I mounted the lino on to wooden blocks and pressed them down with my detergent bottle.

I also did the first printing of the pomegranate block print.

It didn’t turn out as crisp as I wanted it to, but it’s fine it gave me some idea of what to do when I do the good prints.

Here are the pics.

Oh, and I included pictures of the actual magnolia and betta blocks.

I’ll be posting more pomegranate prints soon.

Well, Cheers and have a good weekend.


Betta Art

As you may or may not know by following my other blog, I took a Lino cut block printing class back in January.

Since then, I’ve been searching for ideas of things to carve/print.

My most recent inspiration came from Yuki, my old Betta may he rest in peace.

Since I’ve  always loved how finny Siamese fish are, I thought it would make for some fun carving.

So here is the finished product

I plan on printing it on watercolor paper later on and coloring it up.

I’ll re-post when I’m done.