Come Together

Well things are really starting to come together!

The studio is starting to look great and is slowly becoming organized.


My Etsy Studio Shop is slowly getting stocked as I work my way through my Art inventory

and more people are starting to take notice and asking me about commissioning pieces.

So all in all I can’t really complain.

Plus I’m back to working on my 4’x4′ Garden on Knowledge painting.

The background is set and the base of the left side of the tree is in so now things will really start to get interesting.


Remember if you want to commission something message me, I’m your girl!



Home Sweet Home-Studio

Well the renovations have finally been completed in the basement and I am now free to set up my home studio.

Though it isn’t as fancy as some Artist’s may have it is mine and that’s Awesome!

It is far from complete as I still have a few tweaks I would like to make but for now this is how things are progressing.

hs1 hs2 hs3 HS4 hs5 room room2

The other half of the space will be shared by my husband for all his hobbyist en-devours and used as our Multi-Media room including our sizable home library.

All in all it should be a fairly stimulating work/play space.

I’ll update more as thing progress