“WTF is Art” Issue #2

Well here’s another edition of “WTF Art.”

Today’s artist in question is Jessica Joslin.

Who’s Jessica Joslin you might ask, well let me give you a little excerpt from her biography:

“Jessice Joslin was born in 1971 in Boston, Ma and grew up collecting the flies off the windowsill to look at under her microscope.

Ever since, she has been enchanted with collecting a magpie’s array of remnants from the natural world…

What does she mean by the natural world you may wonder?

Well do you remember Fluffy your cat, Scruffy your dog or Penny your chicken? (May they RIP)

Well don’t fret once Miss Joslin is finished, you can be re-united and use Fluffy as a door stopper and maybe Penny as a key ring???

She may use reputable source for her parts but still…

Jessica Joslin.

You be the judge Art or just Macabre?

I personally think Miss Joslin has some past pet issues that could use some couselling. Sorry hun but Poochy just ain’t coming back.