2 for 1 Day

That’s right ladies and gentlemen 2 pieces in 1 day.

See my earlier post for today’s other entry.

I started working on this one earlier in the week to add to my friends/family section.

So here she is, in all her glory lol my sister.


Well here’s hoping she’ll like it 😛



4 thoughts on “2 for 1 Day

  1. well…..ummm..I dunno what to say about this pic…..my lips are hooker pink..and my eyes are baggy sally……I wouldn’t say it’s the best picture of me…..but I do appreciate the artness of it…
    wasn’t this taken at your old apartment ages ago?..LOL


  2. yes it was taken at the old apartment.
    J said you looked scary lol I like it though.
    Could just be the way I drew you, dunno and I wouldn’t call that hooker pink…I think your eyes just look baggy cuz you’re smiling then again that could have been one of the late night movie nights at our place
    *shrugs* meh I like it


  3. I think you did well! I was surprised at how much it looks like Jen. You certainly captured her smile and her bright smiling eyes. I think it’s all very well done! You’re very good at this sort of thing! Love, ya


  4. Well I love the picture but I have to say I have never seen your sisters lips that color. She does not even wear lipstick. Other than that It is a perfect likeness of her. Well done love.


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