9 thoughts on ““Buzz” Housekeeping…

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  2. Thank you I really appreciate it. I used to try to shut off my volume because of it being so loud. Thanks again. I love your choices of music as well.


  3. While I appreciate what you’ve done, I’d much rather that it didn’t auto start at all when the page loaded.

    I don’t mind the music, I just hate having it forced on me. I’m usually listening to my own stuff while I surf and when I turn up here, this computer tends to get a little schizoid when it tries to process multiple channels.


  4. lol Wes you can just hit the next button I have 3 of her songs on the player.
    Greg lol Schizoid fits you just fine and you WILL love my music choices lol but if I could I’d make it so its only on the front page butttt I dunno how/can’t. meh πŸ˜›


  5. Don’t worry Amanda. I won’t comment on your new mustache, regardless of how impressive it is. πŸ˜€

    There probably would be a way to do it if you had individual hosting, You could just go in and edit the code for the widget and/or theme directly but from what I can see from looking at my backup wordpress mirror site, it’s just not possible to do so.


  6. And schizoid may suit me, but it’s not my computer so when it blows up, I take flak I don’t rightly need. My own computer wouldn’t even bat an eye about the multiple channels but I’d still prefer it not to start unless I want it to… but that’s just me.


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