La Luna

Good Evening (or Good Morning to those of you on the other side of the globe)

Today’s piece is a digital painting of the Luna Moth.

Here’s a little info about the luna.

Luna Moths are huge moths, with a wingspan of four and a half inches. They fly, only at night, in Spring and early Summer. The adult moth will wait until nightfall to fly off to find a mate. Adult Luna Moths don’t eat; in fact, they don’t even have a mouth. They only live for about a week, and their only purpose is to mate and die shortly afterwards. In some areas they are now considered endangered.”

Without further delay I present “La Luna”

La Luna

I guess it just appealed to my romantic side. πŸ˜‰



7 thoughts on “La Luna

  1. I love this peice Manda…..gorgeous and the background info about Moths..very cool…I had no idea they didn’t have a mouth….crazyness….

    LOL…Jon you went to Cowboy camp!!??…lol!!
    too funny…I didn’t now this…learning something new about my dorky bro in law everyday….teehee

    Love you guys


  2. I love this peice. It would look real nice in my livingroom. I have not had a new peice since 1994 you know.
    love you both and can’t wait to see you.


  3. Umm, Jen, you don’t visit my blog, do you?

    If you did, you would know that Cowboy Camp was something I went to last summer for a week here in Japan as a quasi-camp counselor.


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