Right so I’m still working on the guitar commission but I hit a small snag.

See the person I’m doing the commission for wanted hands on the guitar as if they were playing.

Now see, me being the musically illiterate person I am goofed up.

How you might ask?

Well, I drew the hands holding the guitar backwards lol.


Not one of my better moments lol.

Meh I’ll just rack it up to a blonde moment.

Thankfully however, the mistake was caught early enough because that would have ROYALLY sucked.

Now see normally it wouldn’t matter because whatever I was painting would be abstracted anyway but HE wanted hands…*sigh*

So last night I spent the evening re-sanding and re-priming the guitar.

I thought it felt awkward when I was holding it and now I know why 😛

I skipped the hand part and went on to the abstract painting part this morning.

I was only doing them up to get an idea of placement anyway.

I won’t be painting them on until the background is finished. *shrug*

Anyway, here’s something for you to amuse yourself with while I work on the guitar.

Release your inner Pollock.

Great way break “Artist Block”!



If you’d like to commission the artist email her at themilkeway@gmail.com

and she promises to get it right 😛

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