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I won’t begin to list the reasons why I haven’t posted lately (primarily illness) but I will tell you some news.

We (hubby & I ) went out shopping Saturday since it was FCBD (Free Comic Book Day) but before we hit the comic shops we stopped into a local craft sale.

I thought perhaps I might find some gift ideas for mother’s day.

Anyway as I was browsingΒ  Jonathan came across a lady that was selling a variety art work and other artsy/crafty items.

He being the proud hubby he is mentioned that his wife also was an artist and was having trouble breaking into the local art community.

That’s when he discovered that it wasn’t her art she was selling but artists that she represented.

Turns out she’s an Art Dealer and has her own small gallery.

She was interested in seeing my work and came by our place on Sunday to have a look.

Long story short, she liked my work and was interested in representing me.

So our simple shopping excursion ended with me finding an Art Dealer.

Crazy world.

And as it turns out, the annual Art walk is happening this week so I’ll have some of my work on display

and for sale. I’ll also be painting in the Axis building downtown on Saturday.

Fort Saskatchewan Downtown Art Walk
Tuesday, May 5 through Saturday, May 9, 2009
See what local artists have to offer at downtown’s annual Celebration of the Arts.
So ya, you never know what could happen when you walk out your front door each day.
More to come!

3 thoughts on “Art News

  1. WOOT!!!! I’ve been hoping to catch ya online to chat, but your never on!!
    CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to hear more!
    MSG ME!


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