Making Press

Just had to share with everyone that I made it into today’s copy of “The Record“, Fort Saskatchewan’s local paper.

Here’s the article:

Abstract artist takes over DCC art gallery this month

Posted By Jordie Dwyer / Record Staff

February 19, 2010

Opening minds to new and different aspects of artistic expression is what art galleries are supposed to be about. And this month, the Alberta Lottery Fund Art Gallery at the Dow Centennial Centre is expanding its boundaries and, for the first time, featuring work that pushes the line on abstract art. Amanda Milke, originally from Moncton, N.B., but now living in Fort Saskatchewan, approached the gallery about how to get an exhibit and was excited when she learned they would show her work this month. “I’m not really big on realism,” Milke said, who came to the city with husband Jonathan — who grew up in the Fort — about two years ago. “Some of the work I’ve done is simply my life experiences put on canvas. Other work is religiously inspired and some is just a means of venting.” Milke began painting around 15 years ago and quickly found doing still life rather boring. “That’s when I moved into abstract work,” she stated. “Some of my work are a definite departure, while others are done on the spur of the moment.” The exhibit, which runs each Thursday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. until Feb. 26 as well as prior to all Shell Theatre shows, is Milke’s way of getting out into the community.”This show is fairly groundbreaking, as it is the first time the gallery has shown abstract work,” Milke said.”My hope is that it breaks the perception of what is considered art and that helps people be more open.”As for reactions to her work, Milke explained she’s had a very mixed review so far.”Everything from people saying they really don’t like it — sometimes in a little more colourful language — to one little elderly lady saying, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s wonderful,'” she said. While the exhibit ends next week, Milke’s work can still be viewed on her website.

Neat! 🙂

I’m hoping to grab a hard copy of the paper sometime today.



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