Contact Fun

Creative Kick Starts #2

One of the ways I pass my lunch break while filling in at the college (one of my two jobs; well, I am a starving artist, you know 😛)  is to browse the net for art.

Every once in a while, I discover something fun or interesting.

Part of being me involves getting my hands on as many “artsy” ideas as possible because I’m always creating.

Today I found two new uses for contact paper, both DIY in style.

The first: Cheap but artistic flooring.

Swedish artist Olli Hemmendorff covered the floor in white contact paper and then painted the design on top.

What an easy and cheap way to give pop to a floor.

Of course upon seeing it, I immediately had the urge to color it in. 🙂

Secondly, an easy and fun way to spruce up old furniture.

Now, this ingenious person took a different spin on contact paper and cut it down to regular paper size.

Then they found pictures of swallows and printed it directly onto the paper, cut them out, and stuck them all over.

Simple but cool.

This would be a great way to use original artwork.

Create, Print, Stick.


Anyway, back to work.

I should be posting more colored block prints this weekend.