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Well that was unexpected!

A few weeks ago I got a custom order request to make some hand stamped guitar pick fish hooks as a Father’s Day Gift. I had been meaning to get into the Hand Stamping Scene for awhile and this gave me the opportunity/excuse to do so.
So I ordered in my supplies and did up her order.


Then I posted the leftovers up for sale thinking I might hook 😉 a few buyers for the rest of them. They sold within seconds.
At the same time I had ordered in 10- 1.5″ round blanks to make up some keychains and did one up Friday for Hubby as part of his Father’s Day Gift from the girls.


And again, thought it was cute and posted the other 9 up for sale for other last minute Father’s Day Gift givers…within the first 10 minutes I had 30+ orders that kept growing and growing and growing! By the time Hubby got off work I was sitting around 70 custom orders to make for Saturday night and only **9** blanks!
Off we went to Edmonton hunting for more supplies..after several stops we FINALLY found a local supplier. This meant all my maybes turned to Yes’ and also meant I was non-stop stamping all weekend!
Since Saturday, I’m now sitting at 100+ completed orders with more coming in daily…who would have thought!


So if I go off grid again, that’s probably why hah!







(These are just a few of the designs..)

Next week I have the Canada Day Market on Wednesday & the Farmers Market on Thursday so it’s going to be another busy week…so back to stamping up orders 😉


On a different Note…

I’m taking a slight break from Canvas Paintings & Jewelry to start work on a new entry into my Color of Music series.

I’ve had it in the back of my head that I’d love to do a gallery exhibit of a bunch of my painted instruments but so far every one I’ve done has sold not that I’m complaining ;), but it does makes it a tad difficult to put on an exhibit without any pieces in my possession lol.

So today I dug through my stash of goodies that I have squirreled away in my studio and picked out another guitar to start working on tonight. I had a few electrics, another child’s acoustic and this big acoustic that I thought would be a nice change since my last piece was an electric and the one before a child acoustic.

As you can tell, my dog likes to sleep in my studio 🙂 and couldn’t be bothered to move heh.

I have a general idea of what I want to do with this piece but I won’t tell at the moment until I start and sort things out 🙂 but stay tuned and I’ll post as I work on it over the next few days.

New Year, New Life, New Creations

Hello 2014, Think I forgot about you?

Well if you’ve been following along at all by now you should have realized I’m terrible at maintaining my blog,

add in the fact that I had our second baby at the end of January and the months tend to slip by.


But that’s life, and my kids and family are a big source of my joy and desire to create Art.

So how am I managing you might ask? lol Good Question.

Not Bad I guess,

I’m currently working on finding balance in raising two BEAUTIFUL Daughters: Zoë & Prudence

while trying to find time to keep our house from looking like a complete disaster 😉

while also doing my jewelry inventory

All the while trying to keep up with the flow of creative ideas I’ve had lately

Oh and of course trying to squeeze in sleep so I don’t go completely insane Heh!

So all in all not too bad.

I’ve also signed up for the entire season at our local Farmer’s Market so that will be keeping me busy from June until the end of August this year

and of course I’m still peddling my wares over on Etsy so pop on over.

As for me, I have a lot of work to do 🙂 and I will try to keep updating as I go along, but for tonight, back to inventory 🙂





Contact Fun

Creative Kick Starts #2

One of the ways I pass my lunch break while filling in at the college (one of my two jobs; well, I am a starving artist, you know 😛)  is to browse the net for art.

Every once in a while, I discover something fun or interesting.

Part of being me involves getting my hands on as many “artsy” ideas as possible because I’m always creating.

Today I found two new uses for contact paper, both DIY in style.

The first: Cheap but artistic flooring.

Swedish artist Olli Hemmendorff covered the floor in white contact paper and then painted the design on top.

What an easy and cheap way to give pop to a floor.

Of course upon seeing it, I immediately had the urge to color it in. 🙂

Secondly, an easy and fun way to spruce up old furniture.

Now, this ingenious person took a different spin on contact paper and cut it down to regular paper size.

Then they found pictures of swallows and printed it directly onto the paper, cut them out, and stuck them all over.

Simple but cool.

This would be a great way to use original artwork.

Create, Print, Stick.


Anyway, back to work.

I should be posting more colored block prints this weekend.



Mmm Rump Roast–a tribute to the Olympics

Monday Creative Kick Starts–Issue #1

Milon de Crotone--Pierre Puget


The Story: 

Once a upon a time…there was an ex Olympian athlete, no longer in his prime named Milon. 

Milon wanted to prove his strength by trying to pull apart a tree trunk with his bare hands that had been partially split by a woodcutter. 

However, the wedge holding the trunk open fell out trapping his hand. 

Milon, helplessly trapped in the tree, died being devoured by wild animals. 

His medal from the games lay at his feet as a reminder of his past glories and accomplishments. 

The Moral:  

Be careful or your ego may bite you in the ass. 

Go Team Canada!