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Upcoming Events

Hi Guys,

Been swamped with shows but thought I’d share a few upcoming events I’m participating in to show you what’s been taking up my time 🙂

upcoming-events copy


Falling into Autumn

Don’t you just love Fall!
Spring & Summer are great but there’s just something about Fall that’s lovely.
Crunch of crisp leaves, red, orange, yellow & brown earthy pallet of colours, cool fall air and the smells of Harvest with its baking & preserving. Yep definitely my favourite season.

But with the arrival of Fall we have to bid adieu to Summer and with it the end of the Farmers Market.
This Thursday is our last Farmers market for the season.


It’s been a great year with so many wonderful customers! I look forward to next years…though admittedly I am looking forward to the break from setting up my tent and being at the mercy of Mother Nature..(who I swear saved all her “colourful” weather for Thursday nights).
But all the same it was a wonderful summer, met some wonderful customers and worked beside some talented vendors and best of all got to watch my girls grow and experience the excitement of the weekly market.

As the saying goes, there is a season for everything and as we bid farewell to Summer with its outdoor markets we now move into Fall with its indoor venues and upcoming Christmas sales.

I’m especially looking forward to working on new inventory! So check back often as I start to showcase some new creations and post about my upcoming venues. It looks to be a busy & productive season.

So Hello Fall!


Market, bookings & new paint

I blame WordPress.
Why you ask?
Well I set up that whole reminder to blog feature whenever the last time I posted was and it’s yet to remind me.

OK lousy excuse I know but really you already know I’m terrible at this so you should come to expect it by now 😉

Where I’ve been:

As I’m sure you’ve guessed the local Farmer’s market is well underway so every Thursday I’ve been busy selling my hand painted/ hand made jewellery there and working on the custom orders that have come from it the rest of the week.

Also I have a baby who hates to be more than a few inches away from me and a 2 1/2yr old that’s always “exploring” something so my hands are full with life in general but it’s all good!

Despite these two sweet and incredibly cute challenges. I have been busy booking up the rest of my year.
Next Saturday I’ll be attending the Bon Accord Harvest Days Market.


Then the following Saturday Aug 16 I’ll be set up for the Downtown Sale in Fort Sask
and then, I’ll be celebrating our 10th wedding Anniversary on the 21st while working at the market (unless we decide to skip 😉
In terms of bookings I also have two Christmas marketplaces booked for 3 days at the end of November so I imagine I’ll be busy stocking up on Art & Jewellery for those events too.

Speaking of making Art,
I’ve discovered some new paint pens. Liquitex has put out a line of Professional paint markers that I am dying to try and are currently sitting in my digital shopping cart waiting for me to buy them 🙂 soon my precious ones soon lol [if you’ve tried em, let me know what you think of them!]

I’m hoping they work well because I think it’ll be just the thing I need to finish off my latest couple of pieces.

Anyway I should grab some sleep before baby’s next feeding.
Have a good night and I’ll try to talk again sooner…If it makes you feel less neglected, my close friends & I talk even less frequently.


“Hallelujah” it’s Done

Here is the latest installment in my Color of Music Guitar series titled: Hallelujah!

I called it Hallelujah because it reminds me of those beautiful imperfect Stained Glass windows you find in the old churches.

Also every time I look at it I can almost hear “Hallelujah” being played on it.

I absolutely love how vibrant this piece is and it’s unique among the other pieces in the series for two reasons

1-This is the smallest guitar I’ve worked on as it’s a child sized acoustic guitar (nice & light as a wall mounted Art piece)

and second

2-It’s the only one in the series that wasn’t a commission. Meaning, it’s looking for a musician or art lover to take it home.

I’ve listed it in my Esty Store if anyone is interested in purchasing it 🙂



Photo Entry

I don’t really have a whole lot to say, just been busy working away.

That being the case, I thought instead of writing a lengthy entry on how things are progressing I’d simply show you.

Here’s what I’ve started or have done.

Most of these pieces have been posted to my Etsy store with the exception of the new entry into my “colour of music” series guitar that is still in progress.


Well back at it 🙂



Jewelry in Progress

Some of my new supplies arrived last week so I’ve been busy painting, sanding, varnishing and glossing…I’ll save the “sanding & varnishing” for another entry and show you some of the “painting & glossing” this entry.

If you’ve been following along you’ll know that in the last could of years I’ve branched out artistically into the realm of jewelry and because I am in love with the Abstract Impressionist form & color I really wanted to incorporate that into my jewelry which I did in my watercolour painted pendants.


But now I have added a new type of paint to my arsenal that let’s me create beautiful organic yet abstract feeling textures & patterns.
These are just a few of the pieces I’ve been working on.






I love how rich and vibrant I can get the colours and how beautifully the blend & mix. Also can you tell that I’m in love with this gorgeous teal color.
The pieces that seem foggy had the sealer drying on them.

So stay tuned for some lovely pieces to be added to my Shop soon!
Also keep checking back for more in progress posts on art & jewelry.