Falling into Autumn

Don’t you just love Fall! Spring & Summer are great but there’s just something about Fall that’s lovely. Crunch of crisp leaves, red, orange, yellow & brown earthy pallet of … Continue reading Falling into Autumn

“Hallelujah” it’s Done

Here is the latest installment in my Color of Music Guitar series titled: Hallelujah! I called it Hallelujah because it reminds me of those beautiful imperfect Stained Glass windows you find in … Continue reading “Hallelujah” it’s Done

Jewelry in Progress

Some of my new supplies arrived last week so I’ve been busy painting, sanding, varnishing and glossing…I’ll save the “sanding & varnishing” for another entry and show you some of … Continue reading Jewelry in Progress

Because lil Girls love Dress up

Having lil Girls quickly makes you realize something , they LOVE bright colors & dress up. My little toddler has on more than one occasion raided my studio “quality testing” … Continue reading Because lil Girls love Dress up

New Year, New Life, New Creations

Hello 2014, Think I forgot about you? Well if you’ve been following along at all by now you should have realized I’m terrible at maintaining my blog, add in the … Continue reading New Year, New Life, New Creations