Because lil Girls love Dress up

Having lil Girls quickly makes you realize something , they LOVE bright colors & dress up.

My little toddler has on more than one occasion raided my studio “quality testing” all my within reach jewelry.

So, I decided to have something pretty & colorful for all those little girls out there like mine who love to dress up.

Introducing my new line for Little Girls

Bubblegum beaded necklace & bracelet sets, I will be adding more soon.

These sets are $5 each or $25 for a set of 6 (one of each color)

il_570xN.595331337_5rxj il_570xN.595228294_n6w0

Sure to bring a smile to any little girls face.

These sets also make wonderful birthday favors, piñata fillers or wedding favors for the kids table.

As always, these are available to buy in my Etsy shop.

Well back to work 🙂





Well it’s SPRING again and that means Inventory time.

I’ve been weeding through a WHACK load of Paintings & Jewelry trying to make room for all my new Creations this Season.

Which means, it’s time for a SPRING CLEARANCE SALE!!!


So while you’re spend time off Celebrating the Joyous season that is Easter why not browse through my new SALE/CLEARANCE Section over on my Etsy Shop.

It’s loaded with Artwork and Beautiful Spring colored Jewelry just in time for April Showers & May Flowers.

il_570xN.471744001_48xp il_570xN.471728836_dmyp il_570xN.508095180_khaq IMG_8178 IMG_8052 IMG_8050 IMG_8062

Check out all the lovely sales while they last!





New Year, New Life, New Creations

Hello 2014, Think I forgot about you?

Well if you’ve been following along at all by now you should have realized I’m terrible at maintaining my blog,

add in the fact that I had our second baby at the end of January and the months tend to slip by.


But that’s life, and my kids and family are a big source of my joy and desire to create Art.

So how am I managing you might ask? lol Good Question.

Not Bad I guess,

I’m currently working on finding balance in raising two BEAUTIFUL Daughters: Zoë & Prudence

while trying to find time to keep our house from looking like a complete disaster 😉

while also doing my jewelry inventory

All the while trying to keep up with the flow of creative ideas I’ve had lately

Oh and of course trying to squeeze in sleep so I don’t go completely insane Heh!

So all in all not too bad.

I’ve also signed up for the entire season at our local Farmer’s Market so that will be keeping me busy from June until the end of August this year

and of course I’m still peddling my wares over on Etsy so pop on over.

As for me, I have a lot of work to do 🙂 and I will try to keep updating as I go along, but for tonight, back to inventory 🙂