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Well that was unexpected!

A few weeks ago I got a custom order request to make some hand stamped guitar pick fish hooks as a Father’s Day Gift. I had been meaning to get into the Hand Stamping Scene for awhile and this gave me the opportunity/excuse to do so.
So I ordered in my supplies and did up her order.


Then I posted the leftovers up for sale thinking I might hook 😉 a few buyers for the rest of them. They sold within seconds.
At the same time I had ordered in 10- 1.5″ round blanks to make up some keychains and did one up Friday for Hubby as part of his Father’s Day Gift from the girls.


And again, thought it was cute and posted the other 9 up for sale for other last minute Father’s Day Gift givers…within the first 10 minutes I had 30+ orders that kept growing and growing and growing! By the time Hubby got off work I was sitting around 70 custom orders to make for Saturday night and only **9** blanks!
Off we went to Edmonton hunting for more supplies..after several stops we FINALLY found a local supplier. This meant all my maybes turned to Yes’ and also meant I was non-stop stamping all weekend!
Since Saturday, I’m now sitting at 100+ completed orders with more coming in daily…who would have thought!


So if I go off grid again, that’s probably why hah!







(These are just a few of the designs..)

Next week I have the Canada Day Market on Wednesday & the Farmers Market on Thursday so it’s going to be another busy week…so back to stamping up orders 😉


Shiny & New

OK so I came down sick with a cold and haven’t had a chance to start on the guitar asides from prime it. I’ve been passing out pretty hard after the kids are in bed the last few nights so haven’t gotten anything done really asides from basic survival lol.

BUT a new order of supplies arrived today…


I’ve been wanting to dabble in hand stamping for awhile now but just haven’t gotten around to it until now, when I was asked to do a custom order as a Father’s Day Gift. So much fun 🙂 I’ll post pics of the completed project later.

This week however, I have to finish that order, go to the Farmers Market Thursday and I have the Downtown Sale on Saturday so I’m thinking the guitar will have to wait til next week sadly…but I do have yet another project stewing in my brain that involves a pair of wooden clogs 😉 but I’ll save that for another post.

For now I’ll say goodnight & Cheers!

Potter’s Hands

For those that follow along you know that I love to try my hand at anything new and creative.

I’ve also been looking for ways to branch out more artistically in my jewelry biz so I though it would be fun to make some handcrafted clay pendants.

Here’s a peak at what I came up with.

I ordered some triple thick glaze for them that I tried out the other night so I’ll post pictures when it’s dry.

What do you think?

I like both the bold and bright pieces as well as the softer pastel pieces.

I think they’ll be great summer pieces once they’re finished.

I had fun using a variety of items to make shapes and texture on the pastel pieces.

I haven’t fully decided if I’m going to keep them on the silk cords or add chains or suede cord. I’ll play around with that once they are finished.