So it’s been awhile…

I haven’t been doing a whole lot of painting since last I posted as I’ve been waiting to get in to see a neurologist about my increasingly painful carpal tunnel.

That happens this coming Friday, I’m hoping to avoid the surgery as I’m not much for doctors but we shall see.

That being said however, I haven’t been entirely idle.

As time and my hands permit, I’ve been working on my Genesis painting.

Last time I posted I was still in the midst of deciding whether to purchase or build my own canvas.

I opted for doing it from scratch and ordered some heavy rolled canvas from BC.

I had my father-in-law (the carpenter) assist with the frame building and voila a nice big homemade canvas.

I’ve finished painting the background and have started working on the tree outline.

Though I’ve yet to take a picture of this stage yet.

Perhaps in the next couple of days.

Asides from that I’ve also taken part in the “Amazing Grace Art’s Festival”

Annual arts festival returns to church – Fort Saskatchewan Record – Alberta, CA.

Here are a few pictures from that.




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