Still Here


It’s been awhile.

As you may recall, I was working on a really large piece that got put on hold because I was waiting to go for carpal tunnel surgery. (a lot more has been done on it since last I posted though, I’ll update you later)

Well, the surgery got pushed back because I ended up getting pregnant which was alright because it resulted in my best creation yet, our daughter Zoë.

On top of the family change, we also bought/are in the midst of renovating  a house, so as you can imagine things have been fairly hectic around the Milke residence.

But now as the dust of life begins to settle again I look forward to getting back at my paintings, plus as an added bonus, with the purchase of our own home

I can finally set up my art studio in the basement.

So bear with me as I begin a new creative year, albeit a little late.



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