Snow much Fun

Things have yet again become a bit crazy in the Milke household since my last post primarily due to two factors: 1) DST (daylight savings time) and 2) Teething.
So most of my time has been spent adjusting schedules & soothing gums until yesterday.
See one of the basic stereotypes about living in Canada is our Snow and plethora of it.

(Which is fine by me because I love the stuff, though my husbands thinks that’s primarily because he does most of the shoveling)
But in good Canadian fashion we got a good ole blizzard style dump of 25cm yesterday so I thought why not take munchkin out and experience God’s snowy white canvas.
So I bundled her & I up and we tredged in the yard to play. For Munchkin that meant becoming an abominable snow baby, so to give her more mobility I plunked on her sled and pulled her around.
But of course I had to shake it up a bit cause it’s me, so I grabbed a spray bottle added a bit of vinegar so the nossel wouldn’t freeze, filled it with water and food colouring and we set off to paint the snow.

It was fun.
She seemed to enjoy watching the snow burst into colour and shapes.

I would have done more colours other than blue but I only had the one spray bottle on hand at the time.
I’ll have to pop into the dollar store and stock up for next time.
But just one more easy way to do colour and sensory play.

Cheers til next time, whenever that may be.

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