Still working away

Well I’ve been busy ordering in supplies, working on jewelry and painting.

I’m still working on the Tree of Knowledge painting but also started a 9×9 painting.

Just finished the background for it and hope to work on the front tonight or tomorrow night.

I’ll post photo’s later.

In the meanwhile here are some of my new Jewelry creations.

If you want to purchase any you can find them here




So I got my “Thank-You but…” letter in the mail yesterday for my submission for the city hall art project.

The letter listed all the mediums Artists had proposed and one was metal work.

My money is on that artist getting it, something about small cities trying to look bigger and metal art fixtures seem to go hand in hand.

Mind you I could be wrong and it was just another wet media artist but I doubt it, time will tell.

Either way, it wasn’t me and that kinda sucks but what are you doing to do right, meh.

So I’ve been crazy busy this week babysitting munchkins along with my own so I haven’t gotten a chance to do a whole lot except in the evenings after my monkey has gone to bed.

Those observant among you, (and I hope that’s all of you seeing how you’re on an Art site) should have noticed the change in webpage appearance and the new address.

I am now Β which is pretty cool and the site is morphing into something I hope is a bit more suave.

Lately, I’ve been spending my limited spare time in the evenings placing orders for supplies or working on my new jewelry line, but tonight I just wanted to paint.

So I finished my electric guitar commission, just have to put it all back together and clear coat it a bazillion times and it’s good to go!

I also went back to work on my Tree of Knowledge painting.

So here is a peek at how that is coming along.

Also above it you can see my new Studio motto πŸ˜‰

I thought it was fitting.


Well I should go pass out because I have one more day of munchkin sitting before I’m free for awhile.



80’s Galaxy style Electric Guitar

Well I started the Electric Guitar commission order from my Etsy site and it’s seems to be getting an 80’s Galaxy feel.

It’s not complete yet but I thought I would share a sneak peek.


I still have to re-assemble it and paint the front plate and put all the shiny silver hardware back on.

Speaking of silver, I plan on adding some silver flecks through out to give it a bit of glint.

Splash paint guitars are fun to paint and guaranteed unique though I have done other styles in the past like these two pieces.

color-of-music-copy color-of-music2 blue



These are also commission able and I currently have 2 electric guitars, 1 acoustic and 1 miniature guitar in stock Β just waiting for someone to commission them.

Commission one here:

Also apparently the decision as to who will do the City Hall Public Art project has been moved to Tuesday so there’s still hope πŸ™‚




Commission Finished-La Vie en Rose

Well I finished the “Homecoming” commission piece that I was given earlier this week and much to my relief the person who commissioned me loved it!

It’s always awesome when that happens.

Commissions can be a bit tricky sometimes because everyone has their own vision of what they want a piece to look like.

But so far so good with all my previous paintings.

So here it is, I think I’ll call it “La Vie en Rose” because she was inspired by feminine Parisian colors.



While I’ve been waiting for paint to dry I’ve also done up some more jewelry pieces for my Etsy shop you can check them out and buy them here

Well I’m off to work on an Electric Guitar commission πŸ™‚

Also tomorrow is D-Day to find out who got the City Hall Art Commission, *fingers crossed*