Mommy Beads

I love these and am so excited to be making them.


Of course they serve dual purpose since I am a Breastfeeding Momma too and have a cuddly little bundle to play with these with πŸ™‚
So what am I talking about?
Glad you asked.
Jewelry for Moms & Babes!


These awesome crochet super sensory / teething necklaces of course.
Why are they so great?
Well, they are wonderful to keep baby stimulated while feeding or carrying in a sling. Plus they are colorful & multi textile so great for sensory play and for developing motor skills
And they are functional because they work wonders as a natural fibres teether since the beads are made of Cotton, plastic and untreated unfinished smooth durable wood.


As and added bonus, I get to enlist my Nans help with crocheted the chain themselves πŸ™‚


Double Bonus, They make Posh Baby shower gifts.
Check em out here in my Etsy Shop


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