New Abstraction

Ever get that feeling where you have to stop everything and create something new???

Well I do lol usually when I’m in the midst of a series or have a stack of unfinished paintings to work on.

Needless to say this came into existence last night.

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It has a mix of soft & fluid paints, iridescents and pearl x pigments.

It’s hard to get color accurate pictures until I can get some pics in nature lighting but it gives you an idea. I still plan to add some more detail, glazes and perhaps a heavy gloss to finish it.

More pics to come!

Cheers for now.


Hello 2017 let’s get caught up

As I said last time I posted,  I’ve been working away on a bunch of mixed media pieces some 3D and some more collage based and wanted to share with you how these have been progressing.

For the 3D pieces I’ve really been enjoying incorporating beads and rhinestones into the pieces to add more interest and reflective qualities. I’m working on a series in this style for an exhibit in June at City Hall. I can’t wait to see them all displayed together.

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And here are a couple of the collage based mixed media pieces that I’ve completed. 

As you can see I haven’t given up my love of color in these new styles.

Hope you enjoy these completed and in progress pieces. I’ll be offering classes in both these style in March if anyone is in the Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta area and interested. 

Cheers for now,