“God’s art, My photos” (or) “Spiky Terror from above”

Today was a breezy fall day. . . .

I finished teaching at one of the many elementary schools that I work at.

Enthusiastically waved goodbye to happy little Japanese children and walked towards my car when “it” happened.

The little hill that my car was parked on has trees along both sides and a gorgeous view of the Japanese countryside.

I decided to take a moment and really soak in the beauty of God’s handiwork.

So, I paused on the hill, underneath nice shady trees to admire the golden rice fields and to feel the sun on my face.

Suddenly, a strong gust of fall air caused the trees to sway in the breeze and to release from the grip of their branches “tennis sized balls of spiky terror”.(see note 1)

Of course, these said “tennis sized balls of spiky terror” began to rain down upon little old me…

Perhaps the moral of the story is to wear protective gear next time you want to admire the scenery (or) God has a sharp sense of humor. šŸ™‚ *drums* ba-da-bump

Whatever the moral is, I decided to take the opportunity to bring home some of my “assailants” for a few pictures and maybe later some chestnut rice. šŸ˜›

Note 1: “tennis sized balls of spiky terror” are also commonly referred to as Japanese chestnuts.

tennis sized balls of spiky terror Japanese chestnuts

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