New Blog Old Paintings

I was just browsing through the pictures on my laptop and came across a few old paintings. So, I thought I’d dig them out of the proverbial electronic attic and post them again. All the originals are currently sitting back in Canada most likely collecting dust…*sigh*. So enjoy (or don’t) and feel free to comment. (Oh, and those of you who can’t handle the naked abstract may want to stay clear, *shrugs* suit yourself)

Oh and one more thing, I’ll apologize now for the crappy shots. I took them with an old cheap digital camera so their either glarey from the flash or a bit blurry. I’d take better ones (since we have a kick butt camera now) but like I said, the paintings are sitting in Canada and I’m currently in Japan.

Lover’s Embrace

After glow

Head in hands


So we went shopping this weekend and I happened to stumble upon 2 triangle canvases. I’m quite excited. 🙂 The question is what do I paint??? I had thought that I’d go back and buy 4 more the same size and make a hexagon and separate one of the pieces from the other 6 (like a pizza) and call the 6th in circle format “Life” and the separated one “A Slice of Life”. Who says art has to be serious. Then again, that is how we ended up with urinals as works of art 😛

*aside* speaking of pizza, did you know Japan is crazy in love with corn and mayo on their pizzas, bleh. To each their own I guess… 😛

Pizza Art