New Blog Old Paintings

I was just browsing through the pictures on my laptop and came across a few old paintings. So, I thought I’d dig them out of the proverbial electronic attic and post them again. All the originals are currently sitting back in Canada most likely collecting dust…*sigh*. So enjoy (or don’t) and feel free to comment. (Oh, and those of you who can’t handle the naked abstract may want to stay clear, *shrugs* suit yourself)

Oh and one more thing, I’ll apologize now for the crappy shots. I took them with an old cheap digital camera so their either glarey from the flash or a bit blurry. I’d take better ones (since we have a kick butt camera now) but like I said, the paintings are sitting in Canada and I’m currently in Japan.

Lover’s Embrace

After glow

Head in hands


I’ve decided to start a blog so I can have another outlet to artistically express myself. I hope to post semi-regularly about paintings, photos and various other things that interest me as well as display some of my own art. I’m also planning to start a mural painting business in the near future so if your looking to have work done email me.

Keep posted and always feel free to comment. 😉

Winter Tree