Last night I finished one of the triangle canvas’.

I find whenever I finish a piece I just want to toss it in a corner for a few days until we grow on each other and as per the norm such is the case with this one.

I’ve yet to title it, or decide whether or not its going to be number 1 in a series of triangle paintings.

I’m open to title suggestions so please comment away.

I’m hoping to start the next larger triangle painting this weekend but I think I might be coming down with a cold so we’ll see how that goes.


5 thoughts on “Un-named

  1. It’s beautiful.

    I won’t attempt to suggest a title. It makes me feel joy and wonder, so maybe that can help you come up with a title yourself.


  2. I’m glad everyone liked it and thanks for the name in-put. I’m still trying to decide so for now I’ll just call it unnamed one. I’ve also decided to go with a series of them and just finished the second one a few hours ago. I’m anxious to see what everyone thinks.


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