Unnamed two ~ the sequel

Ok first off, I did end up getting a stupid freaking head/chest cold so I’m feeling bit under the weather today.

However, that didn’t stop me from painting the second piece in my unnamed triangular series.

This second piece is just slightly larger than the first one, measuring about (11.8″ x 0.6”) and again it’s acrylic on canvas.

As you can see, it turned out a lot more colourful than the first piece and a bit more complicated in terms of pattern.

(It was also more of a challenge to paint, not because of the pattern but because I had to stop every 2.5 seconds to blow my nose, ugh!)

So again please feel free to comment. I always look forward to feedback on my art. : )

Un-named 2

4 thoughts on “Unnamed two ~ the sequel

  1. A question not a comment. Are these paintings meant to have a bottom/top? I’ve been craning my neck to look at each to see how they’d look at a particular angle…not so much this one since there seems to be a suspended light-bulb.


  2. LOL, WELLLL when I sketched it out it had a top and bottom but them I painted it and abstracted the crap out of it so now I’m not even sure. LOL I had a heck of a job trying to decide where to sign the blasted thing. I figure it will work out ok because I want to make an octagon out of them when I’m finished so they will be all spun around anyway.
    Oh and one more thing lol it’s an abstracted lemon bottle. Yanno the kind you get concentrated lemon juice in…*shrugs* what I was sick yanno Vitamin C lol 😉


  3. Your paintings are very interesting, but hard to have a complete feel for it as I know there are going to be more … humff.. It’s interesting to see them individually and in progress as the patterns in them seem are very particular! The first painting looks like there is a flower in bloom in the midst of stepping into or away from different sides of (life… reality… humm or maybe the complete opposite!) the sequel is more less an organized chaos to this new place. /seems like familiar thoughts and visions, but this time, with new and endless possibilities. 


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