I’m back and I see you

Did you think I got lost?

Well I didn’t, but I did get run down and needed rest and I can’t seem to shake this cough. *bleh*
We also rented a load of movies over the weekend (see below for the list if you’re interested)

and I bought a Japanese Sony player with videoplayer so I’ve been messing around with that.

I did however, sketch out a quick piece for you all this evening.

I’m thinking of starting a self-study, so I took a bunch of face shots and tonight’s piece is a comic-book-ized version of my eyes.

It’s just preliminary and only sketched out on rice paper with marker/gray chalk, but it’s a start.

I’ll probably work on the actual copy tomorrow sometime, spirit willing that is.

Anyhoo, here you go. (Oh and ya I know the right eye shadow is wonky but hey, I did say preliminary!)




**movies rented: Team America: World Police, Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, Ghost Rider, The Break Up, A Life Less Ordinary, Night at the Museum and Lucky Number Slevin

4 thoughts on “I’m back and I see you

  1. I like it..LOL, but than again what haven’t I liked that you’ve done..=0)
    Ghost Rider was GAY
    I enjoyed Nic Cage but the chickie..LOL man she can’t act without her hand in her back pocket..she bugged me
    Night at the Museum was funny, quite enjoyed it
    I own Lucky Number Slevin..really liked it
    The break up is that the one with Jennifer Aniston and that other dude….ya I expected more from that movie..but maybe I shouldn’t have…

    Love you!
    hope you feel better!!


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