To the point

I had originally planned on doing this piece in the same fashion as my last two portraits, but thought I’d give it a semi-pointillistic flair instead.

So here it is, another portrait of a friend. (hope he doesn’t mind πŸ™‚ )


I think it would make a great book cover or author’s photo, should the said friend ever publish any literary criticism someday!

Oh and here’s a random REM video WITH the Muppets!

Cheers and Enjoy!


12 thoughts on “To the point

  1. Hey! This is very nice! You know I thought of an alternative way to redo it, you could paint it normally and put the dots only where the shadows are. It’s something very common in comics and if you put more color it would make a great pop art piece! (I tent to do this kind of comments when I really like something :D)


  2. Wow.

    I look insane. I mean, the picture looked insane and I’m insane but this only magnifies my innate madness to the level of say, 9000. And despite my penchant for disliking almost any image of myself, I like this piece of work.

    And how could you not know my eyes are blue, Jon? What did you think they were? Brown?

    And the eyes do follow you.

    *cries and huddles in corner of room*


  3. Yippee! I was afraid Mark would hunt me down. Ya the eyes are a little intense and then J discovered that they follow you around the room lol. Oh well, I like it…that only leaves some bald guy and a furrier fellow . Keep posted! πŸ˜›


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