Digg Me

Just a quick note to say that I have added the “Digg” option to my blog.

I’ve gone all the way back to Nov and added the Digg option at the bottom of each post. (this one excluded of course)

If your bored anytime in the near future feel free to browse through the older posts and Digg the ones you liked 😛

That being said I’m going to go make and eat some poutine so go on Digg me 😉



4 Replies to “Digg Me”

  1. Hey A, thanks for ur comments on my blog…I’ll be visiting yours regularly…keep it up 🙂


  2. What’s with the Dig thingy…you sent me an e-mail..but it wouldn’t let me open it…..


  3. Digging something is a way of building up a site’s readership. We’re trying to make your sister famous, don’t you know.


  4. LOL…ahhhhhhh I see now….
    I’ll be digging her up later then..=0)


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