Good Evening,

Tonight’s sketch isn’t anything fancy really.

I was just messing around on my tablet and ended up with some glasses and a wine bottle. (hopefully it’s a good vintage πŸ™‚ )

I spiced it up a bit by giving it a woodblock/print/stamp effect. It’s kinda neat and is good enough for tonight.

So here’s a toast to future days, cheers!




7 thoughts on “cheers

  1. And to think how long you slaved away on those still-lifes for your art class in Uni!

    Heh, good work darling, though I hope this new ease of art production doesn’t make you lazy!


  2. Or maybe the bottle is empty and the last of the wine was spilled as the two drinkers got passionate.

    Hey, the glasses being different sizes even implies that this isn’t from a fancy place, as they’d never dream of serving two different glasses. Thus, it’s at home, and you can imagine a couple having a romantic evening in with the only glasses available.

    Darling, you can add sex to the tags for this piece.


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