This is just to say: Yatta!! My blog has had 10,000 visitors. 😛

Here’s a quick sketch to celebrate!


Thanks and keep on checking in

oh and maybe try commenting more…



13 Replies to “10,000”

  1. My hubby pointed out that today is my 5 month blog anniversary.
    Not too shabby for 5 months.
    That works out to an average of 2000 hits.
    Hehe YAAATTA 😛


  2. Happy 5 month blog anniversary..=0P

    I really like this painting hun…it’s Beautiful


  3. yup my power level is over 9000!
    My blog can now take on Goku well, at least until a greater more eviler blog comes along…


  4. Oh and as another interesting note, yesterday managed to break my all time highest day bringing in 184 hits. Pretty sweet!


  5. Good job, babe.

    So, in five months you’ve almost doubled my hits from over a year.

    heh, I guess that’s part of the appeal of a focused blog.


  6. I love the use of colors in this piece. It is so warm and inviting.


  7. My first impression was that this is a Happy! Hurrah! Like you are jumping in the air in jubilation – piece. I love the burst of colour and light. Congrats on all the visitors you’ve had, too -that’s great!


  8. Wowsa! Just thought I’d share with you that yesterday I got 317hits for me that’s nuts! *still in shock*


  9. Wow…..kool thing and nice way to celebrate….!!….Beautifuly done and the colors…..!!…….wow……..Perfect….!!……:)


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