Fashionable Project

Good Day,

Just thought I’d update so you wouldn’t think I fell off the planet, again.

As you can see I’ve been branching out a bit lately what with my new poetry site:

and with my latest creations.

I was trying to think of ways to put out my artwork in a cheaper and more portable way and what I’ve come up with are bags and purses.

Great for almost anything.

I only have 2 styles completed so far (messenger style and tote bag) but more are definitely on the way.

Messenger Style Bag $35 CAD
Messenger Style Bag $35 CAD

Each bag is hand painted with stitching embellishments and assembled by me.

Tote Style Bag with Hooped Buttoned closure $25 CAD
Tote Style Bag with Hooped Buttoned closure $25 CAD

Guaranteed no two alike.

These two samples are simple abstract designs but almost any of my other artwork can be modified in a bag flaps.

A few other items are on the way soon.

These bags at the moment are made to order.

You pick the colors/design and I’ll do it up.

Message me if you’re interested.

Cheers and Stay Creative,


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