Before Christmas

Twas a few weeks before Christmas and all through the house Chaos broke out.

Well hello, long time, no talk. I’ve been busy as per the norm. Working on homemade Christmas presents, etc.

Just wanted to pop on and remind those few followers that I have a Gallery Exhibit coming up in February of 2010 at the Dow Center in Fort Saskatchewan.

I’ll be posting more about it later but for now, here is a list of the pieces that I will be exhibiting and their list prices as always, in CAD$.

Acrylic Paintings on Canvas or Objects
Life series (5 triangle paintings) $825
Despair 24×36 $1850
Soul Mates 24×30 $1500
Dark Winter Before Spring’s Dawning 24×36 $1650
Afterglow 24×36 $1850
Catharsis 16×20 $705
Thursday Daydream 16×20 $705
Abandon 8×10 $220
Sara’s Prayer 48×24 ($2500)
Blue Strum [Acoustic Guitar] ($1200) {Not for Sale on loan from private collection}
Drifting Honeymoon [driftwood] $450
Tormented Waves 8×10 $200
Unexplained 12×24 $635

Watercolor Paintings on Cold Press paper
Hold Me 11×15 $225
Kiss Me11x15  $225
Save Me 11×15 $225
Cherish Me 11×15 $225
Support Me 11×15 $225
Play with Me 11×15 $225
Create with Me 11×15 $225
Three Fold Prayer 11×14 set of 3 watercolor paintings $550

More on this later.

For now I leave you with a Merry Christmas wish (since I’m not sure I’ll be on again until after the Holidays) and a new Profile picture.



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