February Exhibit

Good Afternoon,

Just wanted to share with you the write up for my exhibit which I will be setting up tomorrow.

You’ll find my “Despair” painting  on the main page which will lead you to the following link.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement:

News and Announcements

February Art Exhibit

February 01, 2010

Interpretations of Life

Bold Acrylics and Soft Watercolours by Amanda Milke

FORT SASKATCHEWAN, ALBERTA, (February 1, 2010) – The February exhibit at the Alberta Lottery Fund Art Gallery will feature both bold acrylics and soft watercolours by Amanda Milke. Amanda Milke’s art is diverse and colourful.  For this exhibit, Amanda has chosen to show both sides of her painting: the bold acrylic and the soft watercolour.  Each can be seen as intensely personal as each serves as an expression of a moment in her life and captures her emotions at the time of creation…..continue reading here.

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