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Jewelry in Progress

Some of my new supplies arrived last week so I’ve been busy painting, sanding, varnishing and glossing…I’ll save the “sanding & varnishing” for another entry and show you some of the “painting & glossing” this entry.

If you’ve been following along you’ll know that in the last could of years I’ve branched out artistically into the realm of jewelry and because I am in love with the Abstract Impressionist form & color I really wanted to incorporate that into my jewelry which I did in my watercolour painted pendants.


But now I have added a new type of paint to my arsenal that let’s me create beautiful organic yet abstract feeling textures & patterns.
These are just a few of the pieces I’ve been working on.






I love how rich and vibrant I can get the colours and how beautifully the blend & mix. Also can you tell that I’m in love with this gorgeous teal color.
The pieces that seem foggy had the sealer drying on them.

So stay tuned for some lovely pieces to be added to my Shop soon!
Also keep checking back for more in progress posts on art & jewelry.


Fashionable Project

Good Day,

Just thought I’d update so you wouldn’t think I fell off the planet, again.

As you can see I’ve been branching out a bit lately what with my new poetry site: poetryintransit@wordpress.com

and with my latest creations.

I was trying to think of ways to put out my artwork in a cheaper and more portable way and what I’ve come up with are bags and purses.

Great for almost anything.

I only have 2 styles completed so far (messenger style and tote bag) but more are definitely on the way.

Messenger Style Bag $35 CAD

Messenger Style Bag $35 CAD

Each bag is hand painted with stitching embellishments and assembled by me.

Tote Style Bag with Hooped Buttoned closure $25 CAD

Tote Style Bag with Hooped Buttoned closure $25 CAD

Guaranteed no two alike.

These two samples are simple abstract designs but almost any of my other artwork can be modified in a bag flaps.

A few other items are on the way soon.

These bags at the moment are made to order.

You pick the colors/design and I’ll do it up.

Message me if you’re interested.

Cheers and Stay Creative,