Medium Madness

Hey look at that it hasn’t been months between posts…yet πŸ˜‰

I spent the evening last night painting and playing in the studio with a bunch of new goodies.
I recently went on a mini medium shopping spree to stock up the studio on some awesome Golden & Liquitex paints and mediums; partly for the Art classes I’m teaching and partly because it gave me a reason to bring in some super high quality goodies.

I picked up more Golden Brand Fluid and High Flow paints which I have enjoyed working with in the last year. I also grabbed some acrylic medium staples like crackle paste, fiber paste, glass beads, a variety of gels and TONS more.

Here are a few pieces I’m currently working on and some in progress shots

Well back to it, if you’d like to know some of the mediums used, feel free to comment.

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