Podophyllum Peltatum Pinwheel

Just another doodly-doo for you!

I was image surfing trying to find some doodle inspiration and found:

“podophyllum peltatum” and thought,

“hey that would make a neat doodle.”

So here it is. (Also, it looks darker in person, but I’m at odds with my camera tonight) 😛

Podophyllum Peltatum Pinwheel

Another abstract doodle

Just another doodle to fill my break time.

I was driving to one of the other Eikaiwas and saw an add for something (I dunno what, couldn’t read it)

anyway it had a pink design and thought pink eh, sure what the hell.

Again, I think this would make a cool T-shirt logo or maybe bag design…

Abstract doodle 2

Abstract Doodles

Here’s a pretty wacky doodle for you.

I originally started it probably a month ago and then just tossed it aside.

But today, I had a fairly lengthy break and wanted to spend it doing something creative.

So, I curled up on my bed, grabbed my markers and just mindlessly doodled away.

I kinda like the end result. I think it would look neat as a T-shirt design. (I’d personally go with a black t-shirt)

Anyhoo, as always let me know what you think!

Abstract doodle