8 thoughts on “To the unbelievers

  1. Le Sigh… (explaining this makes me a sad panda)

    I was being a smartass and calling you a liar when in fact it’s pretty obvious that it is you. I was in a weird mood and was also obtusely referencing that horribly bad, but still somewhat funny, movie called Super Troopers.

    Okay… I’m going to go sulk in the corner now with my tangental cultural references. *sulks*


  2. lol thanks, I think. And don’t fret J’s like a walking reference book and I can only catch 1/2 of his so I figure I’ll only catch 1/2 of yours as well. 😛


  3. I see it now, and I do like the pic, it’s just I couldn’t see that it was you,
    some in the eyes…but than mom said it did look a little like me, in the eyes…
    but she could see you too…
    but than like you said we are sisters..so we do tend to look a like

    and HEAVEN forbid Jon that the pic looks like me…geez..LOL

    anyway Love ya both


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