Death of Creativity…also known as Monday

Right, so it’s Monday again which means back to work for another week…

With that being said I’d like to present you with a nice juxtaposition to ponder….

5 second trash can

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Shakespeare + 5 second sketch of a garbage can =’s (I’ll let you mull that one over)

As for me, I’m back to playing the part of an English teacher for another week….

4 thoughts on “Death of Creativity…also known as Monday

  1. I like your encouragement: “You came all this way, why not leave a comment or two!” Here’s my thinking: I beg to disagree regarding Monday being death to creativity. I personally find Friday to be the death to creativity and birth to entertainment. All I do from Friday evening to Sunday night is entertainment. There’s really little room for creativity on weekends (unless it’s creativity in terms of entertainment!). What do you think? While you think about that please look at my post on Stimulating the Creativity Spark Within You.


  2. Some would argue there is a fine line between birth and death…
    However, my source of entertainment is creating so my weekend is birth and my week death.


  3. I just realized that you are a teacher so I appreciate your comment on my blog that school allows for social interaction opportunities. I agree with you. I also agree that creativity comes from learning what has been done before. So I don’t understand how the week can be death to creativity when it offers students opportunity to learn and teachers opportunity to teach (which is a form of learning). In my reply to your comment I zeroed in on the aspect of originality in terms of stimulating the creativity spark. Do you find your students to be original in their creativity or are they simply reproducing what has been done before?


  4. It’s not death to my students creativity. It’s death to my creativity. I’m just too busy/too tired throughout the week to sit down and be artistic. I usually need Friday night to unwind so that I can create on Saturday and Sunday.
    And with regards to being a teacher I am, but I teach English in Japan. So the teaching experience and the school system is quite different from that of a North American School teachers I suspect.
    But with regards to your question I’m of the opinion that nothing is completely new. By which I mean everything that is done is a reproduction of something that has come before. We simply put our own spin on it. And that act itself is not original. Humanity has always had a desire to carve out its own niche. To create is to draw closer to the Creator Himself. Perhaps it is best to say that the medium in which we create may change but the subject matter will always remain the same.


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