White-hand, Red-nail

So I finally finished the hand piece I was working on.

Let me just say that it was a constant struggle, probably related to my current state of mind. (aka: completely and utterly depressed at not having work yet)

I mean I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t for student loans.

Because quite frankly I’d love to stay home and paint the day away, but the reality is I need moola and art alone isn’t paying the bills “yet”.

(I’m still holding out hope that someday it will)

Anyway, enough about that and on to the art.

So like I said, this was a continuous struggle. I’ve repainted the blasted thing like 3 times.

If I’m ever famous and they do one of those paint layer tests I’m sure they’ll marvel at the progression.

It stated out bright and colorful like most of my pieces, then turned to grays and then finally stripped completely down to black and white.

And, that’s how it’s going to stay, because I’m through with it.

So here’s the sketched canvas.

And here’s the completed canvas.

I think the red nail is the statement maker and I’ll leave that statement up to your imaginations.



If you’d like to commission a piece, email me at themilkeway@gmail.com.

6 thoughts on “White-hand, Red-nail

  1. i like the fact that your signature looks like a tattoo on her thigh/leg 🙂 goes with the red nail statement 🙂 I think so, anyways after a moment looking at this paining. !


  2. You should do a cartoony womens face (like roy lichtenstein style) just like this one, thick black and white and make the lips wicked red….I think it would look great…just a thought…;)
    You could make it into another series…different parts of a womens body with something red on it…..if you do it…I’ll definitly buy them off you
    Love yas


  3. That’s what you say about all my art and yet I you haven’t bought a thing lol. Now if you’d like to commission that series I’d be more than willing to work with you 😉


  4. I’m family!! I’m insulted….I should at least get some sort of discount??
    And of course I say that about all your art….I can’t help but like it….sorry for wanting to cover my walls with my sisters artistic ability!!
    I actually thought my idea was soo good I actually started my own piece last night…lol…so HA!

    But I still think you should do it…just for fun…I think you’d be happy with the finishing touch..;)


  5. oh sure suggest it and then steal my ideas! Pfft and you call yourself family 😛 And in terms of discount you own the guitar piece and the red/black woman!!! I think you’re doing just fine missy 🙂 Now go forward my site to everyone one of your contacts.


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