Thursday Daydreams

Again as promised here is one of the pieces I finished while I’ve been sick.

I was talking to another old High School friend a few weeks ago and she commented that she really liked my “Echoed Thought” piece.

Echoed Thought
Echoed Thought

I painted this piece several years ago as a gift for my sister.

She tends to like mellower colors than I do so I went with a simpler 4 color composition.

I’d been meaning to re-do the piece for awhile but just hadn’t for one reason or another.

While I was sick, I felt like painting but didn’t quite have the energy needed to flesh out a new piece so I decided to finally re-do this one.

So I present for your viewing pleasure: “Thursday Daydreams” 16×20.

thursday-daydreamIt was a bit tricky to photograph because I pearalized my paint.

So each color has a soft pearl/metallic shimmer.

You’ll also notice a few minor changes to the composition but nothing too drastic. ie: softer less angular edges, etc.

Well that’s it for today.

See you tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “Thursday Daydreams

  1. yeah i find this one really brings a nice energy in the painting. When you see it, it’s like “I’m gonna be in a great mood today!” 🙂


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