September exhibit

So I know as per the usual things have been quiet on here. I spent the summer quietly recharging with family and preparing to send my two littles off to school. Juggling family life with art career isn’t always the easiest but I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. My girls have grown up having access to my studio allowing them to create and explore art by my side and it’s been wonderful. Now with a new school year starting and both of them learning all day it means this mamma has more time to create and what better way to kick off the season then with an Art exhibit.

I’m stepping outside of Fort Saskatchewan in September with my latest art exhibit at TwiLite Frames Gifts & Gallery at 5008 – 50 Street in Stony Plain, AB

The opening reception for this exhibit will be THIS Thursday starting at 6pm and I’d love it if YOU came out. I’ll have my latest art, some food and it’s sure to be a fun and relaxing evening.  We can just kick back and chat and get to know each other. Won’t you join me?


Wedding of the Lamb


So sometimes paintings just seem to happen. I’m going about my business and then a canvas kind of screams at me and the next thing I know I have a new painting on the go. That’s exactly what happened with this painting. I wanted to do a lamb piece to go with my series of Biblical inspired animals but I hadn’t planned this lol.

I sat down one morning and it just flowed out of me by the time lunch had come the layout was complete and that’s the way this painting kept evolving. Every time I sat down it was a whirlwind of creation and the next step would be complete. It’s crazy how God can use my talents for his purpose. I thought all along that this would be an Easter piece and I thought for the longest time I would call it “the Passover lamb” but the more I painted and embellished and layered and texturized the more it seemed like it was a celebratory piece. Not a pre-cross sacrificial painting but a joyful conquered death let’s party type of painting and so what’s more jubilant than a wedding.

So here the lamb is clean and radiant. The flowers are in bloom, he is crowned and gleaming wearing his bridegroom clothes of covered in song and ready for the church his bride. The work has been done and now it’s time to celebrate.


Each sets of words woven into the lambs wool is a hymn title, I emphasized the trinity by crowning in in triplicate “holy”s on his forehead.

Enter a caption

He is clean and pure adorned in gold and sparkling rhinestones that flash and glimmer in the light and he seems to radiate and glow.


The birds who fly and adorn him with music singing are gold and jeweled but pale in comparison to the light surrounding him.


New life grows up from his feet and even the earth is growing with hymns embedded in it. I did a double emphasis on “art” along the bottom of the piece because I do believe God enjoys art and to be praised through it as I’ve spoke on in previous posts.




And finally the lambs position of facing straight out at the viewer was intentional because Biblically we as Christians make up the body of the Church, and the Church is the Bride of Christ so here the Bridegroom, Christ is looking at us the Church on his Wedding day as through him we are made pure and holy and most assuredly ready to celebrate.


I used a large variety of materials to create this painting including genuine peridot stone chips, rhinestone crystals, gold leaf, paper clay, modeling paste, acrylic, oil paint sticks, beads and old choir music / hymns.

I’d love to hear what you think of this painting or any of my other works. You can comment below or email me and I’ll be happy to respond.



Artistic excavation 

As I was hunting through the studio over the weekend looking for something else, I came across my stash of block printing supplies and thought I was long overdue for a new run of prints. 

So I spent the weekend carving out some blocks. Here’s a look at the new pieces, I have a few more in the planning stages that I hope to carve out soon and then maybe this coming weekend I’ll have time to do a print run.

Thanks for checking things out.



What counts as success?

Well, the shows are finally over.

I don’t know what counts as sucess at one of these types of shows.

If it’s strictly the financial aspect then it didn’t go as well as hoped.

I did get lots of feedback however. Everyone that stopped to look seemed to like my style.

I got alot of “wows” and “cools” and “nices” and “funkys” etc just not alot of people wanting to spend money on it.

It would seem re-usable rags are more purchasable.

I did however get a few business contacts, sold a few smaller things and picked up a commission.

I also had several people interested in my work who took my card or flier so it was by no means a complete loss.

Just one more small step towards my goal and besides, this was my first show and dangit lol I stood bravely beside my creations and presented them to the visible public for the first time which in itself is a success and proof I’ve stepped outside my shell.

So yes, I was disappointed I didn’t sell more but I’m not through yet, oh no, I am going to be a successful semi-well known artist someday and this is just the foundation work.

So here they are. The monumental pictures 🙂

Saturday at the Dow Center

Show #1 Perky and Optimistic 🙂

I had one 6 foot table to work with and arrange my Art work around

and there was probably around 60 vendors.

Needless to say it was a bit cramped.

Oh and I was like the second table when you walked into the room so lots of people got to see me coming and going so that was good.




Sunday was a much smaller show at the Legion building

Show #2 Tired and Tired lol

with probably around 20 vendors but there was tons of space.

Again I ended up being out in the lobby so I was the first booth people saw coming and going.tired-me





I also did up a new piece as a sample for the show examplifying my hand print art.


So all in all things went well, I just didn’t make much money.

I also had proof this weekend adding to my theory that I don’t look like or exude an artist persona.

What might that be you ask?

Well even with “Amanda Milke” writen on my sign and business cards several people just assumed Jonathan (my husband) was the artist. lol oh well. I guess I just look too boring comparitively to my work or something.

I also had an interesting experience. I had one little old lady look at my art, specifically my “Unexplained” color abstract painting and say it was “stupid” and “not real painting” to which I naturally shrugged it off thinking “meh, little old lady, what do you expect.”

I then later had two little old ladies come look over all my paintings thoroughly, chatting amongst themselves and stop at the “Unexplained” piece and commented for like 5 full minutes saying how beautiful it was and how they really liked that piece.

Just found that juxtoposition rather fascinating.

Well I guess there isn’t much more to say except I’ve added a “Gift Shop” page to my site for those of you who might be interested in seeing some of the other things I paint asides from paintings.

Cheers and Goodnight,