Girls just want to have fun!

Just another doodle I finished today.

It’s fun, colorful and stereotypes women…meh it’s art. 😛

Can you guess the girl types???And no I haven’t finished the “sex” painting yet. I think I’m going to sit on that one for a little bit longer.


Cheers and enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Oh, and here’s a little mood music for the piece….

Update on “Life”

For those few faithful readers I have out, fear not lol I haven’t given up on “Life” by which of course I mean, the acrylic series I’m working on.

I’ve started the next piece in the series, but have sort of hit a “painter’s block” as it were.

I think part of the problem is I’m trying to paint “Sex” which is such a loaded concept.

I want to be able to fully express it without coming across too complex or too simple.

So until I figure out the details, I’ll be working on some more doodles to ease my mind and artistic urges.