tiny sketch, long day

So I’m exhausted.

Today I had the fun experience of renewing my work visa.

This entailed approximately an hour and 15 min drive to get to Morioka, 30 min. on foot to find the place, 30 min to process the application, 15 min walk to the train station, 40 min wait for the train, 1 hour and 15 min train ride back to Mizusawa, 45 min lunch break, 1 hr of office work, 1 hr drive to Ichinoseki, 5hrs of teaching, 45 min drive home…CRAP day!

So, you may as well say I worked all day because I left for work a 8am and just got home now at 8:50pm.


So this is all you get!

train sketch

A quick sketch I did on the train.

I am hoping however, that when I have some time again to turn it into a larger piece.

I want to black out the people and focus on the window with all the blurring colors as the train travels by.

I dunno if that will happen this weekend or not because I’m also working SUNDAY.

Have I mentioned I’m looking forward to coming home???

Oh and here’s a few videos for you, I couldn’t decide which one to post. (I like them all)

Enjoy, Cheers and Goodnight


3 thoughts on “tiny sketch, long day

  1. I like Nora Jones and all, but those ones were getting depressing. There there, soon you’ll be a little kender again, running around, free and fearless, innocent and happy.


  2. hey hun!
    So was there any issues with your Work visa??did you get it back that day??
    I can’t wait for you to come home! I miss ya so much!
    not too long now!!!!!!!
    did you get my e-mail about me getting fired from my job..stupid stupid reasoning..GAY!
    anywho..I am now free from split shifts..and from the crap that went on there..soo..now I can concentrate on my schooling…good for me
    MSG ME!
    Love ya
    Bam Bam


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