Abstracted Thought

I was browsing through my old pictures and came across a photograph I took of a friend.

I liked it, and thought it would make a nice abstract.

So here it is.



I hope he doesn’t mind. 😉

Also, I wanted to post a song with this piece but dang it all I can’t remember the title AND the one person who could tell me isn’t online.

Oh well *shrugs*



Just a note that I’ve found the MP3 to that song I wanted so here’s the link.

5 thoughts on “Abstracted Thought

  1. I believe this painting depicts a person who is plotting to kill someone. It’s clear to the viewer that this thought process frequents the subject’s mind often. If I were him, I’d probably be disappointed that “stalking eyes” weren’t included.


  2. Hunh. For some reason I missed this post the first time around until you referrenced it in the pointilist postilist. Can I say that it seems more accurate than the pointillist one, yet somehow less obvious?


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