Hold Me #2

What do you get when you mix “Massive Attack-Blue lines” with charcoal and conte???

That’s right, you get #2 in the series “Hold Me.”

And here it is! (see below)

—> Hold Me #2

AND just in case you feel like listening to a bit of Massive Attack, here’s one of my FAVORITE songs!



5 thoughts on “Hold Me #2

  1. Man, I love that song. It’s the song that got me on Massive Attack (thanks, Snatch OST!), but I had never seen the video previously.

    Oh, and I’m really liking the new series, but I already said that IRL. 😛


  2. LOVE IT!!
    I always like your sexy drawings..lol
    and the music just sets the tone!!
    You should definitly open up an Art Gallery and play Massive Attack music while people walk around…..it would be AMAZING!!
    Trust me I know these things!!
    Love you!
    Jen =0D


  3. Man, it’s been ages since I listened to any Massive Attack. Yay for the memories.

    And the art is tres cool. So say we all.

    (And because you’ve been haunting my blog recently, I’m going to do the same to you from now on. Consider yourself warned :P)


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